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Centre History


The Greenacre Area Community Centre has been in operation since its official openening in 1997. Below is a snapshot of the Centre’s history.

In 1987-88 research was carried out by Bankstown Community Services Co-op (BCSC) about the need for, and feasibility of, Neighbourhood Centres being established in other parts of the Bankstown LGA. In 1995, BCSC proposed the creation of a Neighbourhood Centre in the Greenacre area by the Western Sydney Area Assistance Scheme (WSAAS) planning / consultation process. The proposal was supported by the needs of a social and economic disadvantaged area.

In mid 1996, funding for six years was granted to BCSC to establish a Neighbourhood Centre with basic staffing to provide community development and social welfare services with the proviso that the Centre would become an incorporated legal body responsible for all its own actions.

On 28 September, 1997 The Greenacre Area Neighbourhood Centre was officially opened and based temporarily at the Greenacre Church of Christ on Waterloo Rd.

On 21 July 1999, the Centre moved to its current location at 171a Waterloo Rd, Greenacre where it has continued to operate from commercially leased premises.

On 18 October 2002, the Centre became incorporated with the name Greenacre Area Neighbourhood Centre Inc.

In 2006 the Centre was successful in obtaining a grant from WSAAS to implement a Transitional Development Program for young people 12-24yrs of age. The program is now funded by the Dept of Family and Community Services.

In 2011 the Centre officially changed its name to Greenacre Area Community Centre (GACC).

The Centre is managed by a community based voluntary Management Committee drawn from people who live, work or study in the Bankstown LGA. Members are elected annually at the Centre’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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